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      TOC 氣體發生器

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      產品名稱: TOC 氣體發生器
      產品型號: TOC 氣體發生器
      產品廠商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      TOC 氣體發生器 1,無需氧氣瓶 2,持續為TOC分析儀供氣 3,**分析 4,完全的智能電子自動控制系統 5,低工作壓力下的保存工作

      TOC 氣體發生器的詳細介紹

      TOC 氣體發生器


      • no oxygen-gasbottles required!
      • continuous burn- and carriergassupply for TOC-analyzers
      • enables exact analysis in case of flat basiclines
      • complete selfcontrolling system by intelligent electronic
      • save operation by low working pressure

      TOC-gas generation

      6 new models of the series TG are offered to produce UHP-air for TOC-analyzers. All models are working nearly wear-resistant and can be installed in an easy way. The generators are producing continuous burn- and carriergases with following concentrations: HC < 0,1 ppm (measured as methane), CO2 < 1 ppm and H2O < 1 ppm. Customer`s air (6 bars recommended) will be prepared in the generator with modern filtertechnology to eliminate microparticle, water and oilmist. The following totally catalytic oxidation separates hydrocarbons including the methane. Now the CO2- and watersteamtraces will be eliminated by the pressure swing adsorption system, so the requirements of TOC-analyzer manufactorer will be performed. The maximum flowrate, the gas-/airsupply and the nominal temperature in the reactor can optionally be controlled as well as the powersupply can be supervised. In case of stoppage or an exceed of the limit an alarmsignal will be reported over a relay, corresponding to ISO 9000. Is a defect recognized the generators do a switch over to gasbottles or they lock the supply to the laboratory. For maintenance the prefilter should be changed yearly. 10 minutes after switch-on the biggest generator produces up to 20 l/min burn- and carriergas with constant quality. Maximum inlet pressure 6-10 bars for optimum workingpoint. Pressure differences of < 1 bar by the maiximum flowrates. Please ask seperately technical data for systems with integrated compressors.

      Compressed air supply

      Doesn´t exist any compressed air supply all models are available with external low noise (< 55 dbA) compressors.



      Strictly flat basiclines without any basicnoise permit high performed results in traceanalysis. The gasqualitiy is comparable with UHP-qualitiy gases, but extremely cheaper. Low working pressures (max. 10 bars) permit the installation of the gernators in laboratories, directly by analyzers. Difficult transports of hevy gasbottles are not necessary anymore. The independence of gassupplier makes more place in laboratories possible and saves working-time. The advanced serie TG-SMART recognizes not only defects in the periphery and reports them but also it reacts correspondingly and switches by stoppage of voltage for example automatically over to a reserve bottle.


      Technical Data

      Typ TG 600 TG 2000 TG 4000 TG 8000 TG 15 K TG 20 K
      Max. gasflow(ml/min) 600 2000 4000 8000 15000 20000
      CO2- and H2O-concentration
      at the gas outlet
      < 1 ppm CO 2, < 1 ppm H2O
      Max. HC-concentration
      at the gasoutlet
      < 0,1 ppm (as CH4)
      Gasconnections (swagelok) 6mm
      Power supply (Wh) 230 V/50 Hz
      Starting time (min) Approx. 10
      Power demand < 30 < 40 < 60 < 90 < 120 < 150
      Max. power input (W) 420 1600
      Dimensions (W x H x D) 310 x 540 x 460mm 470 x 540 x 460mm
      Shipping weight (kg) 10 12 15 20 24 30


      • flowmeter
      • pressure display/manometer
      • temperature OK / ready (LED-display reactortemperature)
      • isolated alarmcontacts without logfunction
        stoppage of power supply
        stoppage of gas-/air supply (1-8 bars adjustable)
        nominal temperature remain under max. gasflowrate overflow
      • electrally isolated alarmcontacts with logfunction
        Malfunctions will be located by electronic (by example "malfunction air supply"). The malfunctions will be displayed and signalized to the connectors by relay. After the malfunction is corrected the error has to be confirmed manually and the generator begins to function.
      • consequences of stoppage
        gasflow will be closed up
        switch over to gasbottles

      Download Specification

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