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      如果您對該產品感興趣的話,可以 sendmsg
      產品名稱: K4000微量氣體分析系統
      產品型號: K4000微量氣體分析系統
      產品廠商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      K4000微量氣體分析系統 1,空氣分離業務,其使用會受惠 2,事實上,基本配置可以替換多達5臺分析儀 3,校準和采樣系統的成本的節省 4,這種成本通常是優越的 K4000 成本本身 5,電子、 特種氣體中,空氣分離、 鋼鐵工業和實驗室是這類產品的優選


      4,這種成本通常是優越的 K4000 成本本身
      5,電子、 特種氣體中,空氣分離、 鋼鐵工業和實驗室是這類產品的優選
      6,可以用來分析測量H2,O2、 N2,Ar、 CH4、 鈷、 二氧化碳、 氖、 氙、 Kr、 和輕烴中的雜質。

      K 4000


      • Air separation plants
      • Argon purification plants
      • Cryogenic truck loading stations
      • Specialty gas laboratories
      • Process control
      • Steel industries
      • Chemical plants
      • Gas management system
      • Welding gas control
      Contrôle Analytique, a leading manufacturer of trace gas analyzers since 1993, is now offering the K4000 analyzer series with its patent pending plasma emission detector. Its unique features allow it to optimize plasma parameters for each impurity to be measured and all this in real time, something never achieved until now. Standard chromatographic configurations can be done, as for example: back-flush, heart cut, multiple sample loops, multiple separation columns and multiple detectors.

      When configuration becomes complex, a slave chassis of smaller physical size can be added to allow more valves, columns and/or detectors. All of this under control of the K4000 mainframe. The unique nature of the plasma based detector makes it insensitive to momentary pollution or the absence of carrier gases.

      The Air Separation business will benefit of its use. The fact is that the basic configuration can replace as much as 5 analyzers! Just think about the cost saved for calibration and sampling system. This cost is often superior to the cost of the K4000 itself! The electronic, specialty gas, air separation, steel industries and laboratories are some of the fields of application that the K4000 can fulfill. Typical measurements are impurities found in H2, O2, N2, Ar, CH4, CO, CO2, Ne, Xe, Kr, He and light hydrocarbons. Other applications are under development.

      The K4000 easily fits in portable cart commonly used in semiconductor industries. The system is designed to operate as a process gas analyzer in stand alone mode. All of these features with an incredible simplicity of use and fast start-up.

      Its flexible configuration permits it to adapt to many particular applications like lab, field or in process control. There is no separate data handling equipment or software required to quantify peak data. The concentration of each impurity is displayed. The K4000 is a basic mainframe tailored for the required application. The K4000 can be configured to execute measurements from ppb levels to percentage in a variety of backgrounds. In its basic configuration, the K4000 is configured with one detector and one separation column. An example of an application is the measurement of H2, O2, N2, CH4 and CO in Argon/Helium/Neon. CO2 can also be added to this list as an impurity.

      Every system is shipped preconfigured and fully tested. All parameter settings are included in a report with the typical chromatogram. Most of the time, system has passed a minimum of 3 weeks running 24hrs/day for testing purposes.


      Detector   New patent pending Contrôle Analytique plasma detector can be used with Argon, Helium and Neon as carrier gas. It can also be used with doped carrier gas. Other detectors can be used: Thermal conductivity detector (T.C.D.) Flame ionization detector (F.I.D.), to be released
      Valves   Diaphragm based chromatographic valves and/or Contrôle Analytique electrically actuated valves. All valves mounted in a purged enclosure. For diaphragm valves, the actuating gas is always the carrier gas, eliminating the possibilities of air contamination
      Gas lines   All stainless steel, passivated or electro polished
      Columns   Many column types and sizes may be used (defined by the final application) Ex: molecular sieve, poropak, Hayesep, etc.As for the analyze of Argon in O2, proprietary material is used. Various columns filled with catalyst material can also be used to eliminate interference caused by various backgrounds.
      Gas connections   1/8" Compression Swagelok ®
      Gas connections for trap   1/8" VCR
      Sample flow   Adjustable from 0 to 200 cc/minSample flow is electronically monitored and regulated Accuracy: ± 1% of full scale
      Sample pressure   5 (35 Kpag) to 15 PSIG (103 Kpag)
      Carrier flow requirement   From 25 cc/min to 175 cc/min for one chassis. This is application dependant.
      Carrier flow measurement   Electronic flow transducer ranging from 0-200 cc/min Accuracy ± 1% of full scale
      Instrument operating temperature   10 to 350C
      NOTE: wide and rapid variation of temperature should be avoided
      Weight   20 kg (44 lbs)
      Dimensions   Standard enclosure is rack mount 4U
      Width: 19" (482 mm)
      Height: 7" (177 mm)
      Depth: 18" (460 mm)
      Electronic system   display: high resolution, TFT type color L.C.D. display with C.C.F.L. back light multi processor systems
      A/D resolution: chromatogram: true 24 bit differential type converter
      other inputs: 12 bit differential or single ended used for pressure, flow, temperature and voltage measurements
      shielded flat membrane keyboard
      flow transducer: thermal conductivity type, flow tables are already loaded in software for various gas types
      Standard features   Easy configuration and stand alone operation
      one isolated 4-20 mA output
      Remote range I.D. contacts
      Two alarm dry contacts
      System status dry contact
      Electronic carrier flow monitoring
      Electronic sample flow-loop control system
      User's selectable carrier gas type
      Accessories   Palladium H2 separation device for fast measurement in pure H2.
      Various traps: these traps can be mounted on the rear panel. Some of them can be regenerated in place. The type of trap to use is application dependant. Generally speaking, a trap is used in a configuration where the bulk part of the background is vented. The trap will get the background trace resulting in a zero baseline resolved peak. They are available for H2 and O2.
      Gas purifier: the GP-200 series of gas purifiers is used to generate high quality carrier gases and zero calibration gas.
      Sample stream selection system. The K4000 can be fed by a MSS or an ISS. These patent pending sample stream selection systems are the best available on the market. They allow sample stream selection remotely or locally. There is no sample stream cross contamination, air diffusion or dead volume.
      Proprietary column for the separation of Ar and O2. This column is used when the measurement of Ar and O2 has to be done. The plasma detector for an Argon impurity has a sensitivity of 100 ppt. The separation is done from room temperature to 50ºC.
        Optional features

      • Remote start digital input Isolated RS-232 communication ports for remote monitoring and control of the instrument
      • INTERNET (Web enabled) communication (to be released). Allows to monitor or control the K4000 from anywhere around the world!
      • Quick check configuration: When the background is the same as the carrier gas, this option allows a total gas purity verification as a GO-NO-GO. One sample injection is done, the G.C. column is by-passed and all impurities are injected at the same time. Based on the degree of change in the baseline, the total impurities of the gas may be evaluated. It takes less than 30 seconds to have the result. It is a useful option when troubleshooting gas distribution line integrity in semiconductor industries for example. In some cases it is possible to work with gas different from the carrier gas. Please consult factory.

      Standard industrial I/O interface

      Many plants still use the standard 4-20 mA output as the way to transmit a process value to a remote system. In this case, digital dry contact outputs are needed to transmit the range on which the analyzer is. All the industrial type I/O's, i.e. analog or digital, are mounted in a separate enclosure called the I/O Box. The I/O Box has its own power inlet, filter, transient protection and switch. There is a set of terminals to connect analog or digital I/O. There is a DB-15 connection cable between the K4000 and the I/O board. Moving away this type of I/O from the main chassis eliminates the possibility of interference and allows configuration tailored to specific needs. It is also possible to install the I/O Box close to remote PLC or DCS. In this case, an isolated serial communication scheme is done between the K4000 and the I/O Box.

      Industrial process 4-20 mA analog output

      Up to sixteen 4-20 mA outputs can be installed in the I/O Box. Each one can be associated with one impurity. For this reason they can be seen as a standard 4-20 mA representing the ppb, ppm or % of the associated impurity.

      4-20 mA output characteristics   Maximum load impedance: 600 ohms
      Fuse protected
      Transient protected
      Isolated from power ground and analyzer electrical circuit
      Each output is completely floating and isolated from each other
      One 4-20 mA output can be programmed (user programmable) to retransmit the chromatogram instead of process value. This can be useful for remote diagnostic or to drive a separate third party integrator Analog output can be programmed to be over driven or under driven in case of system status alarm. This is a useful feature for older plants that have to be retrofitted. By monitoring remote process charts, one can know if the system is operating normally
      Each 4-20 mA can be driven manually to calibrate remote monitoring system as for troubleshooting
      Digital output   System status dry contact output: Contrôle Analytique was the first analyzer manufacturer to integrate, in all gas analyzers that we manufacture, this unique diagnostic feature. This contact will change state to indicate if there are any anomalies inside the system that can make the analyzer readings unreliable.
      Remote range identification output: normally each impurity has 2 operating ranges. There is one dry contact output for each impurity to indicate on which range the impurity is being measured. Can be set to be closed or open on range 2.
      Process alarm output: for each impurity, two alarm level process set points can be entered to activate their respective alarm dry contact outputs. The peak being in alarm will also be indicated on the K4000 display.
      Digital output characteristics   Each digital output is dry contact single pole single throw (SPST), snubber protected, fused protected at maximum 1A, 250 VAC resistive load. Digital outputs have their separate terminals for each contact, no common connection between contacts.
      Each digital output can be configured to be normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.)
      Digital input   There is, as an option, a remote start isolated digital input. When proper voltage pulse is applied on this input, an injection is started. Another injection can be started only when the cycle is finished. Multiple trigging is not possible eliminating erratic functioning.
      Other digital inputs can be added and configured to answer customer needs.
      Digital input characteristics   Inlet voltage: 24 volts DC or AC
      Transients and over voltage protected
      Fuse protected
      Input completely floating and isolated

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