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      產品名稱: 零空氣發生器
      產品型號: 零空氣發生器
      產品廠商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      零空氣發生器 性能和益處: 1,代替了代價高昂的危險氣瓶 2,顯著地節省氣瓶 3,安裝簡單,無特殊要求 4,先進的控制和安全系統的自動轉換開關 5,滿足所有的標準和法規




      Features & Benefits

      • Eliminates costly dangerous gas cylinders
      • Significant savings over cylinders
      • Simple installation, no special requirements
      • Constant purity with no fall off in performance
      • Sophisticated control and safety system with automatic changeover switch
      • Meets all standards and regulations

      Technical Details

      For GC-FID there are six new models in the SMART series to produce zero air of the highest possible purity from compressed air. All models are absolutely noiseless and easy to install. The generators continously produce zero-air with hydrocarbon content < 0,1 ppm (measured as methane). They cover requirements for zero-air for up to 160 FID´s at outlet pressures between 2 bar and 10 bar. Using modern filter technology to remove particles, water and oil-vapors, the generator works with your compressed air. The catalytical chamber stage than removes disturbing traces of hydrocarbon. Maximum air flow rate, gas/air supply, required temperature in the reactor and electrical requirements are checked and supervised continiously. If there is a fault or crossover of the critical values an alarm is given immediately via relays corresponding to ISO 9000. If the generators detect a fault they automatically switch over to back-up gas cylinders or cut off the gas delivery to the lab. The user can then eliminate the fault and reset the alarm. Even the biggest model delivers up to 50 l/min zero air of constant high purity, within 10 minutes of starting.


      • Absolutely even base line in the apparatus, with practically no peaks.
      • Highest possible gas quality equivalent to UHP-gases; significant savings over gas cylinders.
      • Low inlet air pressure allows the generator to be located at point of use in the lab, i.e. where the pure gases are needed.
      • Enourmous saving of space and time.
      • Automatic switchover to back-up-cylinders when a fault is detected by the system.

      Compressed air supply

      All models of the SMART series are available with an external low noise and oil-less air compressor for permanent use (< 55 dbA).


      Type ZA 2000 ZA 4000 ZA 7500 ZA 20 K ZA 35 K ZA 50 K
      Max. Air Flow Rate (ml/min) 2000 4000 7500 20000 35000 50000
      Max. Inlet Hydrocarbon Concentr. 100 ppm (as CH4)
      Outlet Hydrocarbon Concentration < 0,1 ppm (as CH4)
      Outlet Port (Swagelok) Without display With display
      Electrical Requirements 230V/50Hz
      Start Up Time ca. 10 min.
      Energy Consumption (W/h) < 30 < 50 < 80 < 100 < 130 < 150
      Power Take-Up (at switch-on) 420 W 1600 W
      Dimensions (H x W x D) 270 x 340 x 460mm 330 x 460 x 560mm
      Shipping Weight (kg) 13 15 19 25 28 32


      • Flowmeter
      • Pressure-gauge
      • Temperature OK/stand by (LED view of catalyst)
      • Potentialfree contacts without hold-function
        Voltage Failure
        Failure Air/ Gas- Supply (1 to 8 bar adjustable)
        Overheating in the Catalytical Chamber
        Exceed of maximum
        Flow Capacity
      • Potentialfree contacts with hold-function
        Example: In case of "Failure Air/Gas-Supply", which means no pressure out of the compressor, immediately an alarm is given via relais. After elimination of the fault the alarm has to be quit manually and the generator starts service again.
      • Reaction to fault detection
        gas delivery cut-off
        automatic switchover to back-up cylinders

      Download Specification


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