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      KGD Wafer Style

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      產品名稱: KGD Wafer Style
      產品型號: KGD Wafer Style
      產品廠商: 其它品牌
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      KGD Wafer Style 克拉克森良品晶片式漿液刀閘閥彈性體技術提供了在*新的一個全新的袖子設計

      KGD Wafer Style的詳細介紹

      KGD Wafer Style

      KGD Wafer Style

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      Clarkson Slurry Valves, Primary Isolation Valves, Resilient Seated, Clarkson KGD Wafer Style Slurry Knife Gate Valves 

      The Clarkson KGD wafer style slurry knife gate valve offers the latest in elastomer technology with an all-new sleeve design.

      Features & Benefits:

      All-New KGD Mark III Sleeve.
      As a result of our never-ending desire for continual improvement, Tyco Flow Control is pleased to introduce the all-new KGD Mark III Slurry Valve Sleeve from Clarkson. The Mark III incorporates advanced features gained from thousands of installed Clarkson KGD slurry valves over the past 15 years, giving you a better overall performer with additional features:

      • Each sleeve incorporates a more robust support disc into a one-piece design which resists over-compression of the sleeve
      • Internal profile of sleeve provides a pressure assist to the sealing function
      • Sleeve profile reduces drag and provides longer service life
      • Easier installation in a variety of pipe styles
      • Tests show lower installation torque requirements
      • The Mark III sleeve can be installed in any existing KGD valve, allowing hassle-free upgrade to the new technology
      KGD Features
      • 100% Isolation; bubble-tight shut-off results in absolutely zero downstream leakage
      • Double-seated design provides bidirectional flow and shut-off
      • Unobstructed flow eliminates turbulence, minimizes pressure drop across valve
      • No seat cavity where solids can collect and prevent full gate closure
      • Dynamic self-adjusting secondary seal
      • No gate or stem packing is required, eliminating packing leakage and maintenance
      • Long lasting lubrication
      • No metal parts in contact with the flowing slurry
      • Adaptable frame (yoke) design featuring a top-removal stem nut, can be field modified to an air cylinder or bevel gear in the field without welding
      • Open-Closed lockout brackets standard through 16", ready for optional factory supplied or customer supplied lockout pins.
      General applications:
      • Mining
      • Power
      • Pulp and paper
      • Phosphates
      • Steel/Metals
      • Chemical
      • Cement
      Size range: 2" to 24"

      Standard Pressure Ratings:
      2" to 16" rated to 150 psi CWP
      18" to 24" rated to 90 psi CWP

      Optional Pressure Ratings:
      2" to 24" 200 psi CWP

      Sleeve: Gum rubber standard
      Temperatures: Standard sleeve rated to 160°F, up to 300°F with proper elastomer selection

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