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      產品名稱: **氣體發生器(紅外光譜)
      產品型號: **氣體發生器(紅外光譜)
      產品廠商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      **氣體發生器(紅外光譜) 1,代替了危險的和昂貴的氣瓶 2,分束器將受腐蝕的水分保護 3,低壓狀態的安全和經濟工作 4,當儀器被凈化時,沒有延遲操作



      Purge-Gas-Generators (FTIR)

      • eliminates dangerous and expensive gas cylinders!
      • the beam splitter will be protected from corrosion by moisture
      • no "channeling"
      • safe and economic work with low pressure
      • no delay in operation while the instrument is being purged

      Generating purge gas out of compressed air

      The new Purge-Gas Generators of the PG series are produced specially for the use with FT-IR Spectrometers to provide a purified purge gas and air bearing gas from compressed air. The generator is delivered ready to use with coalescing prefilters and automatic drains. First oil-, water- and dust particles are removed from compressed air. CO2 removal is achieved by pressure swing adsoption (PSA) technology to reduce the concentration of these compounds to CO2 < 1 ppm, H2O < 1 ppm. The molecular sieve is regenerated automatically by removing CO2 and H2O. The process is being repeated continuously in time and nearly maintenance-free. To protect the whole system it is recommended to change once per year the prefilter. All systems are designed to operate continuously 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

      Compressed air supply

      All Purge-Gas Generators are available with a external low noise and oil-less compressor for permanent use (<55 dba).

      Max. air inlet temperature + 30 °C. Air should be prefiltered and oil free. To guarantee a longlasting maintenance-free use please use air with the following standards: ISO 8573.1, class 1.2.1. Oilcontent < 0,01 mg/m3, water content < - 40 °C dew point, particles < 0,1 µm. In case of dirty compressed air with maybe high rate of oil and water special coalscing-filters can be delivered.


      Using a Purge-Gas Generator of the PG series the FT-IR chamber will be removed much quicker from CO2 and water than using nitrogen. The user gets clearer backgrounds in a shorter period of time. The small and space saving systems use your in house compressed air supply. Therefore dangerous and expensive gas cylinders are eliminated from the laboratory.

      Technical data

      Type PG 14 L PG 28 L PG 85 L
      Max. dry air flowrate for specified dew point [Nl/min] 14 28 85
        Max. flowrates higher than 85 Nl/min. are also available
      Max. CO2- and
      H20-content at the outlet [ppm]
      < 1 ppm
      < 0,1 ppm
      Connections (Swagelok®) [mm] 6
      Recommended inletpressure [bar] 5-10
      Electrical requirement 230 V/50 Hz
      Power consumption [Wh] < 10 < 20 < 30
      Performance max. [W] 25 30 50
      Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 180 x 370 x 300 180 x 370 x 300 400 x 600 x 400
      Weight [kg] 8,0 12,5 28,0

      Download Specification

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